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I've decided I'm going to WriterConUK next month!

It will be my very first trip to the UK, and I'm all atwitter. I've been asking all my ex-pat friends what I should do while I'm there. One said I should order a drink called a “shandy” since I am a light drinker, and another mentioned Scotch Egg, because bacon, but I am not convinced.

Now I ask you! I'll be in Edinburgh, Bath, and London, when I'm not in Coventry, Chester, and Liverpool. Give me your suggestions about things to see and do, to eat or not eat, and places to stay. I'm thinking near Paddington*/Kensington while in London, but I could be convinced otherwise.

I was notified that I've been nominated for a No Rest for the Wicked Awards, but I have no idea for which story or in what category, so it's mysterious AND exciting!

It reminded me that I haven't posted links on my journal to things I've written for comms, so here goes.

For SeasonalSpuffy in May (!!?!!) I started a new WIP, and posted 2 of 4 projected chapters.

Title: What Happens in Canada
Word count: 3100, so far
Rating: Mature — for language, themes, and science
Setting: Unspecified post-series future wherein Slayers and other supernatural things are known to at least some of the public, and Buffy and Spike are a couple.
Summary: For the good of her sister Slayers, Buffy participates in a study (in Canada). She's a giver.

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

For sb_fag_ends last month, I squeaked out a short thing based on the prompt, "I wish Buffy wakes up tomorrow covered in monkey hair." Because, how not?

Title: Happy birthday, you're adopted!
Rating: PG13
Word count: 1000
Setting: S6, Buffy's 21st birthday

That version here

I also made a banner for it! Because those energetic souls at EF have gone hog wild for the banners and it's inspiring.


But then I thought that version seemed too compressed, so I expanded it a little and have posted the new version to the usual places.

AO3 / Elysian Fields / TheBloodshedVerse

I tried to put it up on TheSpuffyRealm, but the site isn't working for me at the moment.

*I'm arriving and leaving from Paddington Station, so it seemed like a good idea to park my luggage right away and then get right to looking around. But if it's awful in that neck of the woods, I will lodge elsewhere.

Date: 2016-08-18 08:57 am (UTC)
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Yay England! Tis fun.

My main suggestion would be to find an old estate house (like Pemberley) and go there for lunch. We paid to go around the gardens - most places will let you do that, or pay extra to go through the house. And they tend to have nice high teas.

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