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Apparently, I have eleven DreamWidth codes for people who'd like to join up, which is looking better by the hour, is it not? Just drop me a comment, and I'll set you up.

I am up to my neck in RL and [community profile] seasonal_spuffy  prep, so my commenting is way down. Please forgive me. I will catch up. Probably.

I still made time for WonderCon last weekend, which is in my fair city (San Francisco) and which has become McDiva's annual birthday bash, although its date drifts farther away from her actual birthday every year. Here are some highlights: )
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Here's my belated Comic-Con 2009 report. It's long. It's rambling. The pictures are likely too big. Here goes, anyhow.

San Diego Comic-Con 2009 was, for me, Buffy Scribe Safari! There's other stuff, but you might as well know the theme, right from the start.

But first, a digression about what the Con has become and my comics-reading history… )

Wednesday, July 22 – or, shop ‘til you drop )

Thursday, July 23 - the lost day, with bonus Terry Gilliam )
Friday, July 24 - day one of the Buffy Scribe Safari )
Saturday, July 25 - Buffy Scribe Safari, the Big Kahuna )
And beyond... )

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