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Or maybe it's just the past week or so. I went to New Orleans... )
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Whaddyaknow? Yesterday was my 9th fanniversary! And [personal profile] herself_nyc's birthday, not entirely coincidentally. She encouraged me to jump into this fic thing, way back when, and here I still am.

Things in RL have been super busy, so my online life has been curtailed a bit, although I'm still reading most every day. I did start a new WIP for the most recent round of [community profile] seasonal_spuffy , which means I've now got 3 WIPs over there, about which I should really do something. Anyway, here's where that is:

Title: Buffy and the Bloodmobile
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2115
Setting: During an alternate S5, after the altercation with Glory in “Blood Ties”.
Summary: Property damage has consequences.

The judge glanced at Buffy...

I've been traveling a lot, mostly for non-fandom purposes... )

Last weekend, I went WhedonCon 2017, just for meeeeeeee! )
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I'm excited about this project, and thought some of you might be, too:

The filmmakers are raising funds through IndieGoGo, with the permission and involvement of Ms. Styrene's daughter. I may be having more feels about this sort of thing, as I just watched Jim Jarmusch's fabu Gimme Danger documentary about The Stooges with my kid. I'd really like to see all the punk stories told, but especially Poly's, and now I can help make it happen!

So, this LJ nonsense is aggravating. I've been crossposting from DW for a long time, and plan to continue doing that, but I'm pretty sure I'm not hooked up with some of my peeps on DW. If you could point me in your direction, I'd be much obliged.

The Buffy part... )
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Yes, the news and politics are horrible, but I just got back from the UK!

Scotland, WriterConUK, Wales! )

Bath and London! )

I've been buried in work since I got back, but last night I got tickets to the touring show of Hedwig and the Angry Inch (thanks [personal profile] feliciacraft !) and I just found out that they are doing a drag version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a couple of weeks at our local drag emporium, so I'll be going to that. There's also a wedding coming up and our buddy's Friday DJ slot.

In short, my reality is brighter and more musical than that "other" reality. *hand waves* What are you guys up to?
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Like many of you, I am most seriously displeased with the way the world is at the moment.

All the ways things are horrible... )

On the lighter side, let me complain, yet again, about how I fail at Tumblr. I had a little time last week, so I thought I would try to enter the BtVS conversation in a couple of places, and that I'd be able to figure it out this time. Almost immediately, I lost track of what was being said where, could not find the threads I knew I had seen someplace, and found posters leapfrogging over each other until I was completely lost. Apparently there is a vast difference between "commenting" and "reblogging" — much more than I knew. I can never find my "comments, which also post before I've edited/finished them. I give up. I can't figure out how to keep track of even my own content/contributions. I guess I'll stick to looking at pictures and following links on the Herald, but not engaging over there. That's where the BtVS conversation is, so it's frustrating.

Um, I don't think I mentioned over here that I posted the first couple of chapters of a WIP at seasonal_spuffy, back in May. If you missed it, and don't mind a bit of silliness here you go:

Title: What Happens in Canada
Rating: Mature — for language, themes, and science
Summary: For the good of her sister Slayers, Buffy participates in a study (in Canada). She's a giver.

Since then, I've been to some films at the Frameline (LGBTQ) Film Festival. It was super fun, as always, and then I went to see Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs at the Castro Theater, which is his live show. Also Dear Old Dad was visiting, and we saw the touring company performance of Cabaret (thanks, feliciacraft!), went to the new SFMOMA, and did a bunch of other art-related things. Including this really amazing stealth photography museum, called Pier 24, which has a huge, amazing, super-curated exhibition, but only allows a handful of people in at any given time. You have to make reservations online and then go through an airlock (only slightly exaggerating) to see the marvelous photos. If you are into photography and coming to or already in SF, I highly recommend it!

I am kicking around the possibility of going to the UK in September, partially to attend WriterConUK! It's all very sudden, which makes me think I'll probably not pull it off, but the temptation is fierce.

Before that, I'm going to San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in years, ostensibly to flog the new Fantagraphics collection/reprint of Wimmen's Comix. There is even a panel! If you will be in San Diego, come to my panel:

The Complete Wimmen's Comix: A Her-story
Groundbreaking women cartoonists discuss the pioneering history of this comic series that covered still-taboo topics like abortion, menstruation, masturbation, castration, lesbians, witches, murderesses, and feminists. Moderator: Trina Robbins.
Sunday July 24, 2016 12:00pm - 1:00pm , Room 29AB

Doesn't that sound like fun?

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Welcome to friends new and old!

I'm mostly here for the Buffy fandom. I write a little, rec a little, and read A LOT. Most of my posts are fandom-related and not very frequent. I hang out in or moderate several Buffy-related communities, which you can find among the links on my sidebar. I've got lots of interests in various media — literature, music, comics, movies, theater — but Joss Whedon managed to get me actively involved. All my stories have at least one foot in the Jossverse.

I think of myself as a multi-shipper or gen writer. Check out my D'Hoffryn/Skip or Mr. Gordo/Miss Edith works, if you doubt me! Most of my work is cheerful, with just a twist of morbid. I've written a bunch of Spike/Dru historical shorts, because they are great. However, I am probably most identified with Spike/Buffy. I've also written a few wacky crossovers, including a rare non-Buffy The Avengers/Pulp Fiction drabble that IMHO ended up becoming canon in the sequel. *\o/*

I am Rebcake everywhere: AO3, Twisting The Hellmouth, Dreamwidth, Elysian Fields, The Spuffy Realm, The Bloodshedverse, Tumblr, Whedonesque, etc. Finding me is easy peasy. I'm not on Twitter, though. That Rebcake is somebody else.

I live in in a purple Victorian in beautiful-but-changing San Francisco, California. I originally hail from small town Oregon. I am a package designer by trade and work is crazy busy, hence the infrequent updates. I have a husband, a kid, step-kids, step-grandkids, and a huge sprawling extended family, including in-laws, none of whom live in Northern California. Sometimes that's peachy, sometimes not so much. I've been traveling more often lately to deal with family matters. I lean left, politically and socially. I went to UC Santa Cruz at roughly the same time as Buffy writer/producer Marti Noxon, which explains much and nothing at all.

Exciting news! A couple of my stories recently received acknowledgments in Round 11 of the Running With Scissors Awards! Both are Spuffy stories originally posted to noel_of_spike:

When You Wish Upon A Bar won the Unsung Hero Award in the Doomed (Best Guy/Girl) category.
The Vamp Around the Corner was the Runner Up in the Nobody’s Butt Monkey (Best Characterization) category for Joyce.

Thanks again to whoever nominated my work! Several worthy f-listers also won awards. Congratulations to you all!
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It's the end of August!?!

Since my last post, I've been buried in a mountain of work, which is sort of nice and sort of not. Of course, there was also a lot of travel arranging, which is like a second full-time job, at least the way I do it. There's also been plenty of recreation, including hosting houseguests, seeing bands, dancing, going to parties, having a girls weekend at a Napa vineyard with the "girls" from college. I also attended a tightly plotted drag show wherein the villain was named PIxie Pardonne Moi (sic). A friend had been tapped to pole dance (badly) during the intermission. Heh. Good times, y'all.

I've missed a lot of fun LJ activity. There were memes that seemed exciting, excellent art and fic — some of which I missed, I'm afraid — and this exciting party celebrating the 5th Anniversary of sb_fag_ends!


I only got my act together enough to post a silly prompt, alas, but the mods over there deserve to be fêted! Take a bow bogwitch, quinara, and shapinglight! Garlands also to all the contributors who continue to make that comm so great! Go, read, comment! I know I will.

My recent pre-series Giles fic, Giles and the Mountain, was nominated by very kind person(s) in Round 32 of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfic Awards in the Best Gen, Best Drama, and Best Characterization (for Giles) categories, and also in Round 12 of the No Rest for the Wicked Awards, in the That Old Gang Of Mine (best gen) category. I'm touched that my sporadic work still appeals to somebody out there! There's still time to nominate your favorite fanworks, and make a fellow fan's day!

SMFA_nom_spike wicked_award_button.jpg

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It's my fanniversary today!

Back in 2008, at the urging of [ profile] herself_nyc — whose birthday it is! — I posted my first fic, Becoming Anne. This "urging" is no reflection on her estimation of my storytelling. (I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm too easy on Spike.) At that point, all she'd ever read from me were comments on her work. But she pointed me at LiveJournal and I'll be forever grateful.

What's going on in my corner of the fandom... )

New fic!

For [community profile] seasonal_spuffy I did a short update to my WIP, Fire in the Soul:

Title: Fire in the Soul (6a/9)
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2075
Pairing: Spike/Buffy, with Dru and OCs.
A/N: Thanks for the quickie beta by MiAmor. NOT comics compliant.
Summary: A few years after Sunnydale’s spectacular demise, Buffy and her crew are getting on with their lives in San Francisco. A not entirely unwelcome blast from her past (Spike! It's Spike!) blows into town, but he’s brought more than the generally allowable amount of baggage with him.

6a — In which our heroes get closer to the source of the big, brewin' evil, if not each other.

To start at the beginning: Chapter 1 on LJ / Chapter 1 on DW / On AO3

How my writing is going… )
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2013 marked my 5th fanniversary on LJ. Here's what I did.

Fannishness... )

Non fandom real life… )
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Forgive me, friends list. It has been a week since my last post. In that time, so much has happened, the non-fannish high points being:

1. Bela Fleck at the new SF Jazz Center. Banjo fun! (Also, dinner beforehand with dear friends.)
2. Gershwin and Ravel at the SF Symphony with Dear Old Dad, who was in town for....
3. McDiva's Third Annual Fashion Show! Big doings! A triumph! One of these days, I'll post pictures.
4. A whole bunch of school-related stuff, and also work related, well, work.
5. Huge flurry of getting ready for vacation/college tour week. Still on-going. Why else would I be making a post?

But I had to note that today is the fifth anniversary of posting my first fanfic on LJ! Just five years after Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air. Late to the party, but very happy to be here. [personal profile] herself_nyc  encouraged me to try my hand, and I posted without knowing it was her birthday! So, now it's a milestone day for two reasons. Happy birthday to you, darling, and happy fanniversary to me. I hoped to have some fic to post today, but that's not happening. I am working on my Seasonal Spuffy story, though, so there will be something soon!

Love to you all!

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Last night MiAmor, McDiva, and I attended the San Francisco International Film Festival screening of Much Ado About Nothing. I will attempt to contain myself but it was freaking awesome!!! quite good.

The review-ish part... )

The Behind the Scenes part... )

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I am officially banned from "Mark Watches"! I am sort of impressed. He just posted about "Smashed" today. If I am too controversial in my opinions about Season 6 Buffy/Spike, it's going to be a bloodbath over there.

In related news, you were all right.
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There were a couple of moments or sightings that I just couldn't figure out. For instance, I had dinner with David Hasselhoff on Saturday night. By which I mean he and his much younger date were sitting at the next table over at the fancy Indian restaurant where MiAmor's publisher took us. He was, as you'd expect, tanned and rested, but Comic-Con just doesn't seem like the natural habitat for The Hoff, y'know?

On Friday, when we arrived for the Eisner (comic book) Awards banquet, a huge phalanx of burly security guards hustled a baseball-capped and be-sunglassed Kevin Bacon through the lobby of the hosting hotel. He must be in something as a villain (something newer than X-Men: First Class?), and he has a certain amount of Con cred because of Tremors, I suppose. But seriously, what a lot of hullabaloo for someone who is not even the most famous person there. He probably would have been more incognito if he'd just walked to the elevator with a friend. It occurred to me later that the Con crowd are the sort of people that would try to get "one degree of separation" closer to, well, everybody. So maybe his security wasn't entirely out of proportion.

More typical: While waiting for my frosty beverage at Starbucks, the worker called out "Ninja!" to summon a customer. I looked at the Elektra next to me, but she shook her head. "Not me. Wish I'd thought of it." Heh. I didn't see any other ninjas, but then, I guess I wouldn't...

I didn't make it to a lot of the panels I'd hoped to, for various reasons, but couldn't ignore the volunteers outside one panel calling out, "No waiting for William Shatner and Roger Corman! Panel about to start!" It would be sacrilegious to pass that up, wouldn't it? So I didn't. The moderator was Kevin Smith. 0_o Now that's Comic-Con!

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I've posted very little lately, and nothing remotely personal since Valentine's Day. So, lest you think I've disappeared or given up, here's what I've been up to:

Real life has been just packed!  )

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Awww! Love is in the air, and all over my f-list! Thanks for the lovely hearts, bellas! You make mine go pitter-pat. *smek*

I'm heading down to the Gallifrey One (Doctor Who) convention in a few days for some mother/daughter bonding with McDiva. Huh, you know, with a little effort, we might be able to pull off the Amy-River combo, cosplay-wise. Gorgeous, willowy mother (her) to rather less willowy — but still spunky! — daughter (me). It could work! I'll broach the subject and see if her eyes detach from rolling too much. I'm eagerly anticipating spending time with Miss Jane Espenson, Mark Sheppard and his da, and little Amelia Pond (Caitlin Blackwood), among others.

Will any of you be there? Drop me a line and we can squee over coffee!

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The whole family, plus friends, is heading out to San Diego Comic-Con in a few days. I’ve got an extra 4-day + preview night youth (17 and under) pass available for $50 if any of you wants it, but if not, I’m just going to request a refund. I expect to be completely overwhelmed by the Total Fandom Experience of it all. Wish me luck.

It’s already begun, in some ways... )

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It’s a very special gal’s birthday today, so I’m finally posting about the glamorous weekend I spent with Jane Espenson back in February. Oh, the times we had, Miss Jane and I!

The event was ostensibly a Doctor Who convention, but I was there because of the attendance of Jane, my favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer, who also happened to be the show runner for Caprica, which I adored (mostly), and a writer on the new Starz™ Torchwood production, Miracle Day.

 Gallifrey One 2011 (or, the family that travels through Time And Relative Dimension In Space together…)  )
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There's a bit of Who-fever at my house, you could say. For those who are not yet infected, tomorrow is the Season 6 premiere of the "new" Doctor Who. I'm all atwitter. Well, I don't actually do Twitter, but I did break down and do Tumblr. Sort of. Don't expect much. However, on the Official Doctor Who Tumblr page, there is a photo of my daughter and her friends in full-on Whoverse drag*:

A Doctor, a TARDIS, and three Daleks walk into a con...

Are they not adorable? )

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Apparently, I have eleven DreamWidth codes for people who'd like to join up, which is looking better by the hour, is it not? Just drop me a comment, and I'll set you up.

I am up to my neck in RL and [community profile] seasonal_spuffy  prep, so my commenting is way down. Please forgive me. I will catch up. Probably.

I still made time for WonderCon last weekend, which is in my fair city (San Francisco) and which has become McDiva's annual birthday bash, although its date drifts farther away from her actual birthday every year. Here are some highlights: )

Gally Ho!

Feb. 14th, 2011 12:35 pm
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Are any of my f-listies planning to attend the Gallifrey One convention in LA this weekend? McDiva went last year and had a blast, so a few of us mother/daughter Doctor Who fans are going again this year. McDiva has made a TARDIS dress for the occasion. I'm mainly excited because Jane Espenson is a scheduled guest! She's my favorite Buffy writer, was the showrunner for Caprica (the last few episodes of which had me practically panting with love), plus she's a staff writer for the new Torchwood! So...yeah. I am a total fangirl. I'm sure I'll get excited about other — more Who-related — stuff once I'm there. But if any of you guys are gonna be in the house, it will be even better. 

Oh! Speaking of Torchwood, our satellite service just made the Starz channels free for the next year, so we might actually be able to watch it! Woo!

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