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You are probably aware, but the [ profile] rarewomen stories are up! Woo! Master list here, and a more complete list of fandoms here.

A lovely writer, Teaotter, wrote me the most gorgeous and thought-provoking S5 Joyce fic, which I can't pimp enough:

losing farther, losing faster

Go! Read! Comment if you love it! Bring a hankie! Then check out the other goodies. Yum!

I contributed something, which I suspect is of limited appeal due to super small fandom, although it is a crossover with BtVS, so who knows? You can read it at AO3, but for consistency's sake, I'm also including it in my journals. I've written another crossover with these fandoms, Two Faces Have I, which I think might be more successful, since it uses the POV of the Buffyverse character we know, while this one uses the POV of the character that is outside the 'verse.

Title: From the Mouth of Hell to Hoppers 13
Author: Rebcake 
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2400
Fandom/Characters: Love & Rockets "Locas" crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Maggie, Hopey, Penny, Izzy, Giles, Xander, Faith
A/N: All credit to Jaime Hernandez for his characters. ♥ Oh, and Joss, too.
Summary: Maggie and her friends are going to spend the afternoon by the pool, unless the "earthquake" from up north puts the kibosh on things.

Basically I got as far as Oxnard and the engine fell out of my car. And that was literally, so I ended up washing dishes at the fabulous "Ladies Night" club for about a month and a half while I tried to pay for the repairs. Nobody really bothered me or spoke to me there until one night one of the male strippers called in sick and no power on this Earth will make me tell you the rest of that story.

—Xander, talking about his post-graduation summer in The Freshman, BtVS Season 4

Maggie Chascarrillo was fixing the pump for the motel swimming pool when the quake hit )

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