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I'm excited about this project, and thought some of you might be, too:

The filmmakers are raising funds through IndieGoGo, with the permission and involvement of Ms. Styrene's daughter. I may be having more feels about this sort of thing, as I just watched Jim Jarmusch's fabu Gimme Danger documentary about The Stooges with my kid. I'd really like to see all the punk stories told, but especially Poly's, and now I can help make it happen!

So, this LJ nonsense is aggravating. I've been crossposting from DW for a long time, and plan to continue doing that, but I'm pretty sure I'm not hooked up with some of my peeps on DW. If you could point me in your direction, I'd be much obliged.

The Buffy part... )
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Welcome to friends new and old!

I'm mostly here for the Buffy fandom. I write a little, rec a little, and read A LOT. Most of my posts are fandom-related and not very frequent. I hang out in or moderate several Buffy-related communities, which you can find among the links on my sidebar. I've got lots of interests in various media — literature, music, comics, movies, theater — but Joss Whedon managed to get me actively involved. All my stories have at least one foot in the Jossverse.

I think of myself as a multi-shipper or gen writer. Check out my D'Hoffryn/Skip or Mr. Gordo/Miss Edith works, if you doubt me! Most of my work is cheerful, with just a twist of morbid. I've written a bunch of Spike/Dru historical shorts, because they are great. However, I am probably most identified with Spike/Buffy. I've also written a few wacky crossovers, including a rare non-Buffy The Avengers/Pulp Fiction drabble that IMHO ended up becoming canon in the sequel. *\o/*

I am Rebcake everywhere: AO3, Twisting The Hellmouth, Dreamwidth, Elysian Fields, The Spuffy Realm, The Bloodshedverse, Tumblr, Whedonesque, etc. Finding me is easy peasy. I'm not on Twitter, though. That Rebcake is somebody else.

I live in in a purple Victorian in beautiful-but-changing San Francisco, California. I originally hail from small town Oregon. I am a package designer by trade and work is crazy busy, hence the infrequent updates. I have a husband, a kid, step-kids, step-grandkids, and a huge sprawling extended family, including in-laws, none of whom live in Northern California. Sometimes that's peachy, sometimes not so much. I've been traveling more often lately to deal with family matters. I lean left, politically and socially. I went to UC Santa Cruz at roughly the same time as Buffy writer/producer Marti Noxon, which explains much and nothing at all.

Exciting news! A couple of my stories recently received acknowledgments in Round 11 of the Running With Scissors Awards! Both are Spuffy stories originally posted to noel_of_spike:

When You Wish Upon A Bar won the Unsung Hero Award in the Doomed (Best Guy/Girl) category.
The Vamp Around the Corner was the Runner Up in the Nobody’s Butt Monkey (Best Characterization) category for Joyce.

Thanks again to whoever nominated my work! Several worthy f-listers also won awards. Congratulations to you all!
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Because everybody needs friends, there is the Circling the Wagons Friending meme from Teragramm. 

Friending meme:

If you answer this post with "I'm in", there are 5 rules.

RULE 1. If you answer this post you must friend everyone else who answers this post and they should friend you back. (I will post a complete list in a week or two, just so you don't miss anyone.)

RULE 2. Being/having been, a part of the Buffy/Angel fandom is suggested but not a deal breaker. (I have some awesome friends who have never been part of fandom.)

RULE 3. After you have "met" your new friends (and given them a fair chance.) If you feel you have nothing in common with them, you are free to unfriend them, with no hard feelings.

RULE 4. You must pimp this post in your LJ (with a link to the post.)

RULE 5. Sometime after you have made new friends, you must post an "all about me" post, as an introduction. In this post give as much or as little info as you are comfortable giving.
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Apparently, I have eleven DreamWidth codes for people who'd like to join up, which is looking better by the hour, is it not? Just drop me a comment, and I'll set you up.

I am up to my neck in RL and [community profile] seasonal_spuffy  prep, so my commenting is way down. Please forgive me. I will catch up. Probably.

I still made time for WonderCon last weekend, which is in my fair city (San Francisco) and which has become McDiva's annual birthday bash, although its date drifts farther away from her actual birthday every year. Here are some highlights: )
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First I want to wish Happy Birthday! Good Health! Happiness! to [ profile] sockmonkeyhere, whose birthday it might not be, since the little minx doesn't post that particular tidbit anymore. I also want to take this opportunity to beg her, again, to give us more In Dreams. Chapter 11 just won't leave my head, what with the the Willow jumping to an Angel/Oz conclusion, and Angel clumsily hacking out a "miss ya" e-mail to Nina. (I recc'ed it at [ profile] buffyversetop5, and I'd do it again, in a heartbeat.) It's great stuff, Socky! We haven't forgotten!

Second, is anybody else having the weird LJ userpic swap? A couple of times, I've had userpics just turn into something else. For instance, earlier this week, my homemade Spike/Dru icon turned into Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is a fine entertainer and all, but I DON'T HAVE ANY OF HER ICONS! The first time it happened, I ended up with little collegiate cartoons of beer, instead of my usual cakes and Spike, so I changed my password. But then it happened again, and now I'm feeling tech challenged. How does this dad-blamed thing work?

Third, I'm a little nervous about posting this fic, as it didn't go where I intended. Not the era, not the style, not the content. It was supposed to be a 100-word drabble about lighting a cigarette. However, I am sick of not posting anything, so I'm gonna chance it. I'm just not sure if anybody will think it's interesting. It's another historical, but hardly what you'd call ancient history. If you disagree with that assessment, may I just say: Hey! Watch it!

Feedback appreciated.

Title: Voodoo Chile
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1069
Characters/Pairing: Spike/Dru, Historical Real People
Warnings: History, but no song!fic!
Summary: Woodstock was only part of the story...

Originally posted at [ profile] still_grrr for Prompt 100: Dead Like Me

London instantly seemed to turn into something much weirder... )

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